Didier Eysseric

Didier Eysseric, who is recognised for his qualities as a manager and trainer has surrounded himself with a team of professional tennis coached and physical trainers. His coaching method’s and hard work have already enabled him to guide his son Jonathan to the position of No1 junior in the world in 2007 ( No 245 ATP today ) as well as guiding Nguyen Hoang Thien toward winning the Orange Bowl at the age of 14 and ½ finalist at the same tournament in 2010 ( No1 ranked player in Vietnam today ). Armed with his experience, he is offering to share his know how with young talented and motivated tennis players and accompany them on the journey towards the highest level of professional tennis.  

Didier Eysseric

Didier Eysseric

didier nick

Nick Bolletieri (André Agassi, Jim Courrier, etc …..’s coach)

didier tony

Tony Roche (Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt, etc….’s coach)

didier pato

Pato Alvarez (Emilio Sanchez, etc….’s coach)