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It is possible for students to continue their studies (Bachelor and Master’s degrees etc) at American Universities. For this they will have to have obtained their Baccalaureate or A Level qualifications and have passed the TOEFL and SAT.

Students have the benefit of a very high performance training programme (coaching and facilities), a well organized school programme which allows the student the possibility of obtaining the highest levels of performance in both his or her studies and tennis.

Students will have benefited from an incredible life as well as cultural experience.   On the students return home he or she will have obtained an internationally recognized qualification and will be a fluent English and French speaker.

To study at an American University for one year you must envisage having to pay around Euro 25,000. However depending on the students level of tennis and which university, it is possible to obtain a 100% sporting grant meaning all 



Jason Zafiros has always been involved with sports. From the time he was a child, he played baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis. By the age of 13 he realized his passion for competitive tennis. For the next 8 years he devoted his energies to academic excellence and competitive tennis in the juniors and throughout his college career. During his teen years, he attended the IMG/Bollettieri Tennis Academy where he was offered the opportunity to compete as well as to travel extensively. His hard work earned him the ranking of top 100 in the world. He graduated from the academy with honors and received the prestigious IMG Andre Agassi Award. This award is bestowed upon the most outstanding student-athlete. Jason was a top college prospect and was a top 20 Blue Chip recruit. Upon graduation, after considering a number of offers from various academic institutions, Jason committed to The University of Arizona. During his freshman year, he had an outstanding record of 18 wins and one loss. While with the Wildcats, he was named student- athlete of the month and nominated for PAC 12 player of the week. After three years at U.A., Jason transferred to Florida State University. Shortly thereafter, he was named Sr. Captain of the team and academically made the Dean’s list. Jason was also honored by being placed on the ACC Academic Honor Roll. During his college career, Jason recorded a compelling record of 104 match wins.

Throughout Jason’s tennis career, he has made many friends and has built relationships with numerous people in the sports world. During his travels, Jason realized there were many young boys and girls who are extremely talented in their sport, but do not know how to reach out to college coaches. He also noted that there were not many organizations that could provide the services required. Jason saw a need for someone to fill this void. Thus, he founded JZ SPORTS. He is extremely passionate as well as committed to helping young athletes achieve a fine education while being able to play the sport they love.


JZ SPORTS goal is to provide a service unlike any other college-recruiting firm. Our mission is to bring high-school athletes to the next level. We want the athletes to be able to solely focus on their sport and academics, while we handle the rest. At JZ SPORTS, we build relationships that will last well past the students entrance into college. Our mission is to do everything possible to ensure that each student-athlete will be successful both on and off the playing field.


JZ SPORTS provides an exclusive service to assist each student-athlete obtain the best scholarship offer possible, as well as attend a fine academic institution.

Our service includes:

1. Assisting student-athletes apply to colleges of their choice

2. Organize 5 official college visits 3. Working toward obtaining the best possible scholarship offer

4. Helping to build relationships that will last beyond the recruiting process

JZ SPORTS will assist in finding the best possible fit for each student-athlete no matter what the talent level. We strongly believe that there is a University for every student-athlete who is willing to put in the effort both on and off the playing field.


JZ SPORTS 6 step planning process for success:

Step 1: The most crucial step in the recruiting process is the evaluation of the student- athlete. This step will include a face to face conference between the student-athlete and one of our advisers to discuss possible schools of interest, current grades, SAT/ACT/TOEFL scores (if already taken), and athletic results. After the conference, JZ SPORTS will
have a complete understanding of the student- athlete, and be able to implement a strategy to get them where they want to be.

Step 2: Create the various profiles necessary to become a student-athlete.
We will assist students in creating a mandatory College Board profile, register students for the SAT/ACT (if not already taken), create a mandatory NCAA Eligibility Center account, and assist in applying for a FAFSA account (financial aid).

Step 3: Our expertise will provide the proper instructions on how to create a college video. After completion, JZ SPORTS will forward the completed video to the pertinent coaches.

Step4: The“contact”phasewillallowthe student-athlete to interact with different college coaches in order to build a relation- ship and share their interest with the university. JZ SPORTS will make appointments for the coach to meet the student-athlete.

Step 5: Narrowing student-athlete’s choices to 5 schools, and setting up official visits.

Step 6: A conference will take place between JZ SPORTS, the prospective student-athlete, and their family in order to make the best possible decision on the choice of university.

During this 6 step process, we will continually follow the student-athlete’s progress with his/her high school grades, standardized test scores, and athletic performance. We will be providing a progress report form that each student will be required to complete on a quarterly basis.


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