Sport Study Concept


Sport Etudes Concept

The student: He or she’s educational and sporting needs are harmoniously taken care of. The two different components communicate easily between each other Educational leadership: maintaining close contact with student, the teachers of those following the sports study concept are in regular contact with the students parents and the sporting team. The head teacher : He or she answers to the parents and is responsible for organizing the programmes of the maths, French, physics etc. teachers
The parents : If they believe in their child’s sporting ability, they will not wish to compromise the child’s education. The parents place their trust in a professional team who know how to organise their child’s educational programme.
Encadrer de façon privilégiée chaque élève
The professional sports coach: Having seen the child’s sporting abilities, he or she is in charge of their progress. He or she is in regular contact with the parents and liaises with the team in charge of the child’s education.